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Hey there, we’re Dave and Sissy, the Amazon A List Influencers! We began this journey with a TikTok video and an honest review on a garage light that we love. Hundreds of videos later, we’re thrilled to have built a reputation as experts in the world of online shopping and product reviews. We’ve built a loyal following of shoppers who trust our opinions and recommendations when it comes to purchasing products on Amazon.

We’re passionate about helping others make informed purchasing decisions, and our followers know that they can trust us to provide unbiased reviews and recommendations. We take pride in prioritizing the needs and interests of our audience above all else, even when we’re collaborating with brands on sponsored posts and product promotions.

When we’re not busy testing and reviewing products, we love sharing our knowledge and expertise with our followers through our blog and social media channels. We believe that everyone deserves access to high-quality, reliable products, and we’re dedicated to helping people find the best products for their needs.

We’re honored to have earned the trust and loyalty of our subscribers, and we’re excited to continue helping people make informed purchasing decisions for years to come.

We hope enjoy our TikTok product reviews, and visit our Amazon store to find amazing products and unique gift ideas.