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Prime Big Deal Days: What to Know

October 1, 2023 As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.
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Are you ready for a shopping extravaganza like no other? Prime Big Deal Days is just around the corner, and it’s the Fall shopping big deal event you won’t want to miss! This year, the savings are bigger, the deals are hotter, and the excitement is off the charts.

But wait, are you wondering how to get in on all the Prime Day action? It’s easy! Just follow these simple steps to sign up for Amazon Prime and ensure you’re ready to shop till you drop on Prime Day.

Step 1: Go Prime

To access the Prime Big Deal Days discounts, you need to be an Amazon Prime member. Don’t worry; it’s a piece of cake to join! Visit Amazon’s Prime sign-up page by clicking the button below and get ready to embark on a shopping adventure like no other. New to Prime? No problem! Amazon often offers free trial periods for Prime membership, giving you a taste of the benefits without any commitment. Take advantage of this opportunity to experience all the perks of being a Prime member during Prime Day.

Step 2: Get Prime Day Ready

Mark your calendar for Prime Big Deal Days, October 10th and 11th.

We are so excited for this two day shopping event. We will be working hard on your behalf to bring you the best deals we can find. There are two important links down below. The Prime Big Deal Days Storefront will be populated with our biggest and best finds. The second link takes you to our Daily Deals website where you find even more Prime Big Deal Days discounts.

We hope you have the best shopping experience! Thank you for checking out our blog.